Istanbul ( Ambarlı ) Port

The port, which was put into service in 1994, is Turkey’s first private port. It is suitable for Istanbul European side and Thrace region loadings. It is Turkey’s largest port in terms of container volume. It is one of the few ports where ships larger than 300 meters can dock.

Terminals inside;

  • Kumport
  • Marport
  • Mardaş

Izmit Region Ports

Izmit region ports; It is suitable for use for loads originating from the Anatolian side of Istanbul, western Black Sea and Central Anatolia.

Evyap Port

In 2003, Evyap Soap, Oil Glycerin San. Inc. with the aim of supporting the logistics process, and today it has become a very important investment that meets the needs of the Turkish industry. Evyap harbor, which is a naturally sheltered harbor with the closed structure of the Gulf of Izmit, is not affected by the tides and serves 365 days with a berthing capacity of 830 meters.

DP World ( Yarımca ) Port

With a container capacity of 1.3 million TEU, the port opened with the equity capital of DP World in 2016 has become Turkey’s 4th largest port. DP World Yarımca container terminal uses state-of-the-art terminal operation, gate automation and equipment management systems with a centralized activity planning.

Yilport Port

Yılport terminals provide multi-purpose services in container, general, bulk and liquid cargo transportation. Port; container land terminals, warehouses, warehouses and logistics centers. Yılport port positions itself as the most preferred gateway with its proximity to Turkey’s largest industrial hinterland and consumer market.

Gemlik Port

Located in the Gemlik District of Bursa, the port hosts export and import shipments to be shipped from the Marmara Region, Aegean and Central Anatolia. Terminals it contains;

  • BP terminal
  • Gemport
  • Borusan
  • Yılfert
  • MKS
  • Road

Izmir (Alsancak) Port

It was put into service in 1959 in Izmir. It is a sister port to the port of Miami. It meets the import export shipments in the Aegean region. It is the country’s 7th largest port in terms of container volume.

Aliaga Port

The first pier was built in 1977 and continued to grow. There are 36 piers belonging to 12 industrial facilities. It is Turkey’s second largest port in terms of ship traffic and cargo handling. The only ship dismantling operations in Turkey take place in this port.

Antalya Port

Port Akdeniz-Antalya, which was opened in 1972, is among the ports with the highest development potential in Turkey. It is the largest organized port on a coastline of approximately 700 nautical miles between İzmir and Mersin.

Mersin Port

The port, which was opened in 1962, is the second largest port in terms of container volume. Mersin Port, which has a wide hinterland, is well connected to the country by land and railways. Mersin Port, one of the important ports of the Mediterranean, is not only the import-export gate of the Central Anatolia Region, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia Regions, but also the transit center of the Middle East countries. The full realization of the Southeastern Anatolia Project will further increase the importance of Mersin Port.

Iskenderun Port

Within the scope of investment studies for the Iskenderun port, which was operated by the Port Management in 1927, the quay structures, stock areas, roads, port entrances and warehouses and all buildings were demolished and rebuilt, and new pier and terminal cranes for port operations were procured. In addition, dredging works were carried out at the port, allowing ships with a draft of up to 14.50 – 15.00 meters to berth. As a result of investment studies, the port of Iskenderun has been transformed into a modern and developed port.

Other Turkey Ports

  • Ceyhan (Botas) Port
  • Bodrum Port
  • Bartin Port
  • Bandırma Port
  • Ayvalık Port
  • Altınel Port
  • Alidas Port
  • Zonguldak Port
  • Zeytinburnu Port
  • Yalıkavak Harbor
  • Tuzla Port
  • Turgut Reis Port
  • Trabzon Port
  • Tekirdag Port
  • Taşucu Port
  • Sinop Port
  • Samsun Port
  • Rize Port
  • Middle East Port (Antalya)
  • Ordu Port
  • Mudanya Port
  • Marmaris Port
  • Kusadasi Port
  • Kemer Harbor
  • Kas Harbor
  • Karakoy Port
  • Inebolu Harbor
  • Hopa Port
  • Haydarpasa Port
  • Gulluk Port
  • Giresun Port
  • Finike Port
  • Fethiye Harbor
  • Dikili Port
  • Derince Port
  • Cesme Port
  • Çanakkale Port



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